How to Create Purchase Order in QuickBooks Desktop Service

QuickBooks comes with the great features, QuickBooks update its software timely which makes it more famous in the market as accounting software. In today’s topic, we are going to discuss how to create a purchase order in QuickBooks.

Create Purchase Order in QuickBooks Desktop

There are many benefits to using purchase orders for QuickBooks. Some of them are below mentioned.

  • Save time
  • Help with budgeting
  • Enable planning
  • Handle unexpected expenses
  • Eliminate Goof ups
  • Provide legal protection
  • Control spending
  • Track spending
  • UNderstand vendors
  • Improve inventory management

Steps to create a QuickBooks Purchase order

To create a purchase order follow the below steps:

  • Select Vendors >> to create purchase order–if the vendor’s menu doesn’t supply the create purchase order command, QuickBooks won’t understand that you want to create the purchase order
  • Go to the vendor’s drop-down list to identify the vendor from which you want to purchase the item – Vendors drop-down list mention each vendor in your vendor list
  • Using the class drop-down list classify the purchase ( this is an optional field) – use class tracking to see a class drop-down list
  • Select a different ship-to address from the ship to the drop-down list in the right corner – These options display the list of all your customers, vendors, and employees. After selecting the entry QuickBooks fills the to address box with the suitable information
  • Confirm the purchase order date – Initially, QuickBooks puts the current date in the date field. Still, you need to make confirm that the data entered is correct as this is the contract date.
  • Confirm the purchase order number – The purchase order or PO number confirm the purchase order document.
  • To Confirm the vendor
  • Confirm the ship to information– The vendor block and the ship to block the vendor from whom you are purchasing the item and address to which you want the vendor to send the shipment
  • Describe each item that you want to order – You can use each column of the create purchase order window to describe in detail each item that you want to order as purchase. Item, description, Quantity, Rate, Customer, class, and amount are the field you need to describe
  • Print the purchase order – The purpose of printing the PO order is to record a formal record of the purchase.
  • Save the purchase order – Click either save, close button, or save and new button.

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