Steps To Resolve QuickBooks Payroll Error 557


What does mean QuickBooks Error 557

While QuickBooks is the most reliable accounting software, sometimes it may also encounter some undesirable errors. There are various kinds of errors and it is possible to remove it by taking correct measures.

Most of the errors occur due to incorrect syntax or issue in databases/accounts while others occur because of low quota or lack of space in the disk to process a command. Likewise, several errors are associated with updates and payrolls configuration. QuickBooks Error 557 is one among them.

Fix QuickBooks Error 557

How does QuickBooks Error 557 arise?

Paying the employees is the most crucial task to perform in any running business. QuickBooks helps users to pay off the employee’s payment easily in less time. However, like every other software, QuickBooks also requires updates from time to time, so that all the business requirements of the users are fulfilled more efficiently. This requires correct configuration.

  • QuickBooks Error 557 may emerge due to incorrect configuration settings or while updating payrolls.
  • The error also transpires if there is ambiguity in the Windows system.
  • It can also occur due to wrong input or when some important files are deleted from the directory.
  • When this error occurs, it will crash the system frequently.

These situations will ultimately result in either Windows file corruption or permanent loss of Windows file from the system. Hence, you need to resolve the error as soon as possible.

In the following lines, we have to sort out some of the best resolution steps that you have to follow in order to fix the error effectively.

QuickBooks Payroll Error 557 Resolution steps:

If you are tech savvy then you can follow the given enumerated steps below to fix QuickBooks Payroll Error 557 by yourself. However, if you are not, we advise you to contact QuickBooks Payroll Support team immediately and allow us to fix the error for you. Considering the seriousness of the situation and the time crunch for the user,

  1. Open the computer and log into your system as Administrator.
  2. Click on the Start button, and then click on All programs > system tools > Accessories > System Restore option.
  3. A new screen will be displayed in the Window. You need to select the option “Restore…Earlier Time” and click on Next.
  4. View the ‘– Click a Restore Point’ list and select the most current time for the System Restore.
  5. Now, click on the Next button and also click on the Next tab seen in the confirmation screen.
  6. After the restoration process is completed, you can restart the computer and ensure that the error has been eradicated.

If your issue is still not fixed even after performing the above steps or you require additional guide/steps then you can get in touch with our QuickBooks technical team. Our professionals are highly trained to fix any issues or errors that are related to QuickBooks. They can easily resolve your problem. So, don’t to contact us via:

  • Phone number +1-800-993-4190
  • Email address
  • Live Chat Support

Reach us, and get the best QuickBooks tech support help.

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