3 Ways to Fix QuickBooks Internet Security Levels Are Set Too High

QuickBooks’ in-built online features are specially designed to run the internet explorer security settings and the goal is to run your business accounting on large scale. Most of the time, the user faces many issues while running with QuickBooks accounting software. If you finding this kind of error message Internet security levels were not correct on your screen, no need to worry.

This is generally happening due to incorrect internet settings or QuickBooks unable to run with internet security levels. Read this blog and get all the necessary information about QuickBooks Internet Security levels are set too high.

Reasons behind this Error

Before proceeding to fix it, you need to aware of the reasons behind it

  1. When the user opens the QuickBooks and you find the Internet security levels too high
  2. Improper connections of internet security levels set might be causes this type of error issue
  3. When settings of QuickBooks doesn’t match with internet settings

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Why does your computer show that Internet security levels are too high?

Sometimes the security settings of the Internet Explorer don’t match the security levels of the QuickBooks accounting software. This clash often results in the prompt by your computer to:

  • The first way is to cancel out any changes and anyway continue with the current settings of security on both the Internet Explorer and the QuickBooks. This way although can make a few of the QuickBooks features not function optimally.
  • Another way is to alter the security settings of the Internet Explorer to match the security settings of the QuickBooks accounting software.
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How to fix QuickBooks Internet security levels that are set too high?

All solutions are given below; you can utilize them to fix these types of error issues.

Troubleshooting Guide #1

After finding this error message on your screen, you need to implement the below steps:

  1. In the first step, switch your QuickBooks to the Desktop Mode
  2. Then, you need to start the program into the “Windows Server Manager
  3. If you are unable to launch, then follow the below guidelines
    • Hit the first click on the “Start” or “Windows” button
    • Then, go to the search bar and write “Control Panel” and the option will pop-up on your screen
    • Drop your arrow at the Control Panel menu and then go to the “Turn Windows features ON or OFF
    • Once the link is visible on your screen then click on it to open the “Server Manager
  4. Now, go to the left-hand menu, find the “Local Server” option and then click on it
  5. Then, you have to open the right-hand side options; you have to choose the “IE Enhanced Security Configuration
  6. Now, switch to ON mode
  7. Then, a new window will pop-up on your screen
  8. After that, you have turned off both options
  9. Now, you have made the necessary changes and then click on the OK button to get the confirmation of new changes
  10. At last, you have to close the “Server Manager Window

Troubleshooting Guide #2

If you are unable to fix this error with the above solution, then you need to change the internet settings

  1. Open your QuickBooks Desktop first
  2. Enter the next click on the “Help” menu and then choose the “Internet Connection Setup
  3. Now, you have to choose “use my Computer’s Internet Connection Setting” and moving forward with the Next click
  4. Open the advanced connection settings and you find the internet options window where you can make new changes in the settings as per QuickBooks requirement

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Method #3: Reset Internet Settings to the default

  • Open the Internet Explorer browser into your computer
  • Go to the Tools menu 
  • Then choose Internet Options
  • In the open up window, click on the Security tab
  • Click on the Internet icon
  • Select the level Default that is at the bottom right-side
  • This helps you to reset the level to the medium
  • You have to click on the icon of Local Intranet 
  • Again, click on the Default level button that reset the settings to medium level
  • Then click on the OK button to save changes and close the window
  • Close the Internet Explorer and open it again.

Once you are done with the above changes, follow the below guidelines

  1. It is recommended to close all running applications on your system and shut down your system
  2. Before going to ON your system, you have to wait a little while. All these steps will permit your system to modify all new changes that you already made
  3. Now, you have to open the QuickBooks and then introduce an internet explorer if you want to be and you are all resolved with this error

In Conclusion

Hopefully, the above information was convenient to fix the QuickBooks Internet Security levels are set too high. For further queries, talk with QuickBooks expertise via the LIVE CHAT link. The link is visible at the right down corner website. They provide 24/7 availability service and reply to your all queries as soon as possible.

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  1. How to set internet settings to default to fix QuickBooks internet security levels are set too high error?

    1. Open the Internet Explorer on your computer
    2. Then go to the Tools
    3. Further, select Internet Options
    4. Click on the tab Security
    5. Select the icon of the internet
    6. Then choose the Default Level button that is at the bottom right-side
    7. This resets the internet security level to medium
    8. Also, check the Local Intranet Icon
    9. In this, click the Default Level option too
    10. Click on the OK button
    11. Close the Internet Explorer and open it again.

  2. Are these solutions to fix the error of “QuickBooks internet security levels set too high” in all versions of QuickBooks?

    Yes, the solutions can be implemented in any of your QuickBooks version like Pro, Premier, Enterprise, Accountant, Point of Sale etc. You just have to identify the reason for the cause and then do the step-by-step process to fix it.

  3. Do I have to update the internet explorer browser to resolve the “QuickBooks internet security levels are set too high” error?

    If the error won’t resolve with the solutions then you must try to resolve it by updating your internet explorer browser to the latest version according to the QuickBooks version compatibility. You have to download the update and then install it or directly update it.



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