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Designed for the small and average-sized business owners, QuickBooks allows you to manage the tax payments, cash flow, payrolls, etc. Along with this; it also lets you print checks by blending them with the software. But there might be a case where you have to reprint the same thing, and if you don’t know how to reprint QuickBooks checks, this might create problems for you. Don’t worry as this blog covers all the methods with the help of which you can reprint the checks with much ease and run your business hassle-free.

Why do the checks need to be reprinted?

It is important to consider the need to reprint the checks before turning to the techniques for reprinting the checks. Some of the reasons responsible for reprinting the print in QuickBooks are listed below:

  1. It can happen if your check has been misplaced.
  2. If your previous check may have corrupted the printer.
  3. Because of personal use, it may be likely that you want to reprint paystubs.

By monitoring them inside the program, checks can be reprinted. You have to look for the checks and then take the steps to reprint them.

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Methods to reprint the checks in QuickBooks with ease

By monitoring them inside the software, users can easily reprint the checks. All you need to do is finding for the checks and follow the steps listed below to complete the process.

5 Steps to Find the checks

  1. The very first, look for the checks open the reprint option
  2. Next, select the option for print preview
  3. Now, hit the “Add Checks” option
  4. After that, tap the Printers tab
  5. The checks you’ve picked are printed.

Get the check reprinted

There are two ways through which you can easily reprint the check and will take a couple of minutes to reprint the same with these steps:

Option #1: Here are 5 steps to reprint the Checks

  1. Firstly, go to the “Lists
  2. Next, choose the “Chart of Accounts
  3. Now, move to check accounts and make a double-click on the same
  4. After that, select the check that you wish to print
  5. Click the Print icon and hit save then exit.

Option #2: Here are 5 steps to reprint checks

  1. Initially, click Edit/Void checks to start the process
  2. In displaying paychecks from and through boxes, the user must enter the paycheck date.
  3. In order to see the paycheck, you would have to double click on the employee’s name.
  4. Pick the print icon and assign the number for verification.
  5. Once you have finished this process, and then click “Ok.”

Printing a check for the first time is much simpler than reprinting it because the call to action is very straightforward when you print the check only after preparing it, so once the check is printed; it goes straight into the QuickBooks directory. By entering the directory path of QuickBooks, these checks can be conveniently reprinted.

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7 Steps to reprint multiple paychecks

In QuickBooks, reprinting several paychecks would not affect the salary records of the employee. If you have to reprint a series of checks, then follow these basic steps:

  1. The very first, go to the transactions tab and then click paychecks
  2. After that, select the paycheck that you want to reprint by double-clicking the same
  3. Next, select the print later option and then save & close
  4. Repeat the same procedure for each check that is not marked to print
  5. Now, hit the print forms and then paychecks
  6. Checks the checkmark with a paycheck that you wish to print
  7. At last, hit “OK”.

11 Steps to track the original check number

  1. From Banking, click Write Checks.
  2. In the No. box enter the unique check number so it can be tracked.
  3. In the Date, box enters a date to match the original check date.
  4. Next to Pay to the Order of entering the Employee’s name.
  5. In the Amount box, enter 0.01.
  6. If needed, notate the memo field.
  7. Under the Expenses tab select Payroll Expenses.
  8. Click Save & Close.
  9. From Banking, click Use Register.
  10. Find this check you just generated, and tick once to highlight it.
  11. From Edit on the top menu tap, tick Void Check.

In conclusion

In QuickBooks, the print feature helps you to print checks by integrating them with the app. You can also reprint checks from the app with this functionality. If you’re wondering how to reprint the checks in QuickBooks then the above-provided information is the best answer to your question. With the help of this blog, you’ll surely get an idea of how these checks can be easily done. Each of these methods is easy to understand and pretty simple to execute.

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